Friday, February 24, 2012

The Friday Weigh

Good news from the scale! I lost another 1.2 pounds this week.  Ideally, I would have liked to have seen an even bigger loss, however since I lost 6.4 pounds last week, I figured I wouldn't see a huge loss this week.  Either way, I'll definitely take 1.2 pounds.  Think of a pound of hamburger.  Or four sticks of butter.  Yep, that fell off me.

This is actually 0.8 pounds lighter than I weighed in at this afternoon

In other great news, today marks the day that I have less than 100 pounds left to go.  In total, I've lost 15.6 pounds to date.  Because it is my ultimate goal to lose 115 pounds, this means I have 99.4 pounds left (someone check my math).  99.4 pounds is still a lot to lose, but to know that I have under 100 to go is definitely motivating to me. 

Outtakes From the Scale
Taking pictures of yourself on the scale is NOT easy.  It actually took about 8 tries to get the picture above.

Apparently, I stepped on and off so many times I lost 0.5 pounds
Not once but twice... I went to take the picture
and the scale turned off

Have a great weekend! 

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