Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Giving Up

I am NOT a devout Catholic.  While I was raised Catholic, I no longer identify with Catholicism.  That being said, I still look forward to giving up something for Lent each year.  Well, "looking forward to" might not be exactly how I view giving up these things, but I know it's good for me.  It's like a second chance at unfulfilled New Year's resolutions. 

Usually I give up things like chocolate, fast food, or pretty much anything that I think is going to help me lose weight.  This year, I'm already losing weight though (and really have no desire to deprive myself of my beloved dark chocolate).  So, this year I'm giving up two things:

1. Elevators at work.  Yep.  Nothing but the stairs for this girl for the next 40 days and 40 nights (that is how long Lent is, right? See, told you... NOT a devout Catholic).  I work in a hospital and my office is on the 3rd floor.  That means at least once a day (and probably more like 3-4 times each day), I'm going to have to walk up and down 3 flights of stairs.  I actually started this on Monday.  It's not fun, but it's a great way to incorporate a little bit of movement each day.  This morning, I looked like this
Just kidding, not really.  But that's what it felt like. 

2. Laptop in the bedroom.  I have a terrible habit of bringing my laptop to bed with me each night.  I like to find something on Hulu and lay in bed and watch it.  This usually leads to finding a second show and watching that.  Only to find a third show and watching that.  By this time, it's well after midnight.  So I find a fourth show that I don't really care if I watch or not, turn the volume down, turn over and fall asleep. 

It looks sort of like this.  The caption on this picture was "Alone, bed, girl, lazy".  How sad is that?  Know what else is sad? I'm sort of..... afraid of the dark.  See, this blog isn't only about slimming down.  As the title mentions, it is also very much about growing up.  Half of the reason I bring my laptop to bed is it's a convenient night light (I don't have a TV in my room or I would use that).  So, I've invested in a real nightlight (hey, baby steps) and am ready to take the leap.  No laptop in the bedroom during Lent.  At 28 years old, I need to get over my fear of the dark and get to bed at an earlier hour.  

Happy Ash Wednesday! Merry Ash Wednesday?  Whatever... bring on the Lenten season.  This girl's ready.


  1. In my quest to find some other weight loss blogs to follow, I found yours. I'm on a journey to lose 75 pounds & I'm blogging about it too.

    Would love to keep in touch & keep each other motivated!

    1. Hi Jennifer, Thanks for stopping by! As you can tell, I'm just starting this blog but am so glad that you found it!

      I will definitely stop by your blog and would love to keep in touch!