Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No Go(at)

Tonight, I got home from school and just needed a little snack.  I stocked up on a few goodies at Trader Joe's on Sunday so knew exactly what I wanted. 

I pulled out the goat cheese...

...and some Mango Chutney (from Whole Foods)...

....and put them into a cute bowl to be served with a some pita chips. 

Delicious, right???

I sat down on the couch with my snack and started watching the latest episode of Community on Hulu. As I scooped a bit out to spread on a pita chip, I noticed a little hair in the cheese.  "That's odd", I thought to myself.  However, I have two cats so a little fur is not that big of a deal around here. I took a bite.  Savory and sweet, perfect snack.

Then I took out another scoop on my knife to spread on the next pita chip.  This is when I noticed there were a few more hairs in the cheese.  Hmm... these aren't cat hairs.  I pulled one out with my finger.  It was definitely a piece of hair/fur and it was white (my little kitties are gray).

 I brought the cheese into the kitchen for better lighting, took a big scoop out of the bowl and saw this...

My guess? Goat hair.  What else could it be?  I just bought this on Sunday and it doesn't expire until May.  Needless to say, I threw the snack out.  I still have the rest of the cheese in the fridge and I think I'll take it back to Trader Joe's this weekend.  

What a bummer though.  A really really gross bummer.

Since I already had the calories counted for the snack that mostly sat in the garbage, I did what any person trying to lose weight would do.
I ate a tablespoon of this wonderful magic delight.
Straight off the spoon. 
Hey, I just ate goat hair.  
A spoonful of Cookie Butter makes everything better.


  1. I love it when a blog can make me literally laugh out loud, and I just did! I wasn't laughing at your misfortune...but the way you justified eating the cookie butter totally made me laugh. :)

    1. Hi Marcia! Glad you found my blog and it made you laugh!