Monday, March 12, 2012

A-Z About Me

I found this on Meals & Move and thought I would share.  Feel free to copy and paste to do your own survey! 
A is for age: 28 (and a half on Wednesday)
B is for breakfast today: Turkey bacon, egg, and cheese cups.  I made a pan on Saturday night so I'd have a quick grab and go breakfast all week.  They were good and easy to make:

12 slices Turkey Bacon
3 cups Egg Beaters (I used the Garden Vegetable kind)
12 Tbsp Shredded Cheese (I used WW Mexican Cheese, but anything would work)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Spray a muffin pan with nonstick spray.  Wrap a slice of turkey bacon around the sides of each muffin cup.  Pour 1/4 cup Egg Beaters into each muffin cup.  Bake for 20 minutes.  Top each muffin cup with 1 Tbsp of cheese and bake for another 5 minutes. 

C is for currently craving: What am I not craving??? It's taken a lot of restraint to not go on a crazy fast food freak-out lately.  Birthday cake (a corner piece) is also sounding delicious right now.  I have issues. 

D is for dinner tonight: Leftovers from Haute Dish.  Mom and Dad took Jake and I there on Saturday night.  Oh.For.Yum.
E is for favorite type of exercise: I think my favorite type would be the one where you're not intending to get exercise, but it just happens instead.  Like a walk around the lake with a girlfriend to catch up.  Or kayaking with Jake on Rainy Lake.  Currently, I'm starting to run and lift again though.  They're not my favorite, but the more I do them, the better I get, and the more I like them. 
F is for an irrational fear: Ha ha! Where do I start??? I guess bats (the animal) and fire are my two biggest fears.  Both stories are too long to tell here, but I'll share them someday.  My mother says the older I get, the more of a worrier I become.  I was convinced that our plane to and from Florida was going to crash, I was afraid we were going to fly out of the airboat and get eaten by an alligator, I'm usually afraid bridges are going to fall when I'm on them.  Like I said, I have issues.
G is for gross food: Not a huge fan of beets or cooked carrots, however I'll eat both.  Really, I am not a picky eater.
H is for hometown: Hmm... I guess I consider Maple Grove, MN my home town.  That being said, I was born in Littlefork, MN and have lived in:
  • Crystal, MN
  • Rockford, MN
  • Monticello, MN
  • Chicago, IL
  • Maple Grove, MN
  • St. Joseph, MN
  • Norfolk, NE
  • Waite Park, MN
  • Plymouth, MN
  • Minneapolis, MN

I is for something important: I'm going to go with happiness and acceptance.  I've spent a lot of my life wishing it was different from how it currently is.  I'm working very hard to be happy and accept life exactly how it is today.  There are things I want to change and I have lots of great plans for the future, but today I'm okay with how today is. 

And I wouldn't feel right without mentioning my boyfriend Jake.  He really is the best and he is more important to me than I could ever explain. 

AND my beautiful friends and my wonderful family.  What would I do without them??

J is for current favorite jam: For Christmas, I made orange marmalade for my dad.  I canned it and everything.  I never thought I liked it before, but it was really good. 

Now, I'm realizing this might actually mean favorite music.  In that case, I have always loved Eminem.  I love running to rap music so that is currently my favorite "jam". 

Orange Marmalade and Eminem - that's a good combo!

K is for kids: I have 2 furry kids, my cats Isabella Grace and Gabriella Rose.  Other than that, I get my kid fix from my 2 best girlfriends, Lacey and Nikki.  Lacey's son Austin is too cute and Nikki's daughter Ava is the most precious baby ever! I would love to have my own kids someday, but I think I'm going to have to wait a little bit longer. 
Isabella ("Bella")

Gabriella ("Gabby")

L is for current location: At the current moment, sitting at my desk at work.  Good thing my boss doesn't read my blog. 

M is for the most recent way you spent money: At the grocery store.  I never used to grocery shop and I hated it.  Most of my meals came from the hospital cafeteria (where I work), fast food, take out, or delivery.  Now, I rarely eat food from any of those places and instead enjoy making and eating my own food.  I spend a lot more at the grocery store, but save so much from not eating out all the time. 

N is for something you need: Better time management skills.  I've gotten better, but have a hard time making myself do the things I need to do before the things I want to do (e.g., working instead of blogging). 

O is for occupation: Residency Coordinator by day.  Graduate student by night. Feeling a little tired of both right now, but that's life!

P is for pet peeve: Bad drivers.  Good lord, there are a lot of you out there.  Please get out of my way.  Thanks. 

Q is for a quote: One of my favorite quotes has always been "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans" (from John Lennon).  I think this goes along with letter "I" for me as well. 

R is for random fact about you: I have four tattoos. 

S is for favorite healthy snack: French Onion Laughing Cow Cheese and celery sticks.  Peanut Butter Cheerios with a Tbsp of chocolate chips.  An apple and string cheese.   
T is for favorite treat: Dipping graham crackers into peanut butter and jelly mixed together in a bowl.  I have a hard time with portion control on this one, so I haven't done it in a while. 
U is for something that makes you unique: My name - I've never met another person with their name spelled like mine (I was named after my dad, Stephen), I have two middle names (Kay Ann), and my last name is Spanish because my great grandpa is from Mexico.
V is for favorite vegetable: Hmm... I want to say cherry tomatoes but that's technically a fruit.  Red potatoes?  Brocolli?  I like them all, I don't want to pick. 

W is for today’s workout: I've got my gym bag packed and am hoping class doesn't go too late tonight so I can hit the gym after.  If I do, I'll spend 30 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes lifting. 

X is for X-rays you’ve had: Hmm...definitely of my feet and ankles (I've had a couple stress fractures - old running injuries and a broke a couple toes in high school).  Maybe one of my wrist (it makes this weird popping clicking noise all the time and I think they x-rayed it).  I swear I've had more, but I can't remember what else. 

Y is for yesterday’s highlight: Going to the Twin Cities Auto Show with Jake.  We both like cars (well, he loves cars) so it's always fun to go.  I, of course, sat in the Land Rover for 5 minutes.  That is SO my dream car. 

I also fell in love with a Jeep Wrangler Sahara Edition, but Jake said it "isn't me".  Whatever.  I thought it was cool.  I am going to be in the market for a new car sooner than later, and realistically I liked the new Jeep Liberty. 

Z is for your time zone: Central Standard Time!! (When I say this in my head, I sound like a rap MC - ha ha!)

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